''Wacha Ufala'' Fans Tell Eric After He Released This Funny Video Wearing A Skirt. See photos


Dubbed as the president of comedy in Africa, it is no lie that Eric is the funniest guy we have in East Africa. Now and then, the comedian has released countless funny videos that have left his fans bursting with laughter. The latest video by the comedian has sparked reactions already just 30 minutes after it was released.

In the video, Eric is dressed in lady school uniform, that is, a stripped black and white short dress, a white long sleeved shirt and a red tie. And what is he doing? Eric is imitating how South African high school girls are dancing right now. In my opinion, I support him fully because his moves are exact like they do. ''Every High School girl in South Africa right now,'' Eric captioned his video.

Like always, his fans have left comments of different kinds concerning the video. Below are some screenshots of the comments by his fans. Follow my page so that you can receive more entertainment articles daily.

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