Money: It’s like a coin with two sides

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Money can be viewed as a gift from God and spending it wisely and blessing others makes somebody holy. Ever thought about this? Does spending money wisely makes us holy? Handling money foolishly may lead to a world of chaos and desperation finally downfall of oneself. Everybody needs money. No doubt. An evangelist for instance requires his supporter to give tithes in a form of money to sustain his preaching activities and payment of the slot in radio and television. To some extent, most people need money to pay their pension plan and open a savings account because no one really know how long they will live. When considered a gift from God, we can be closer to him by carrying out our responsibility as Christians to share generously with the less fortunate brothers. Billionaires like David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Michael Bloomberg, have set up foundations and/or partnership programs “saving lives”as charity to the needy. I think this is the true religion! 

Yes, money can also be dangerous. Money becomes evil when people love it more than God. People fall into temptation and trap into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge their lives into ruin and destruction. You become a slave and money is your master. The craving for wealth and possessions can leads into all kinds of temptation. Because of this, people often spend nights of cocktails drinking and dancing with friends to the extent that they deprive their families of love and attention.

Hence, money can be either evil or a blessing. It really depends on how people spend it. Those who have been blessed with wealth like Bill who shared generously with the poor perceived money as a vehicle to serve our Maker. Truly you can’t claim to love God you don’t see if you don’t love the people you see. Money can either be evil or a blessing? The choice is yours! 

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