Messages Are Pouring In For Ntombi

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A very well known celebrity by the name of Ntombi she took upon her Instagram account to open about the sad passing away of her daughter. She also stated that she's been struggling to deal with her grief she did mention that a lot of mother's are sending her a lot of messages they want to know how she's dealing with her loss because they're struggling to find closure. In reality there's no parent who's going to be happy to be burying their own children because as parents we want our children to have a long lasting life they have to be the ones laying us to rest.

Ntombi lost her child in a tragic car accident, She wants to help all the mother's who are dealing with grief in order to heal. She stated that via her Instagram account a lot of mother's who have lost babies they've been longing to hear from her but she was not able to attend to all of them, so she decided to open a page by the name of @iambabylv in this page it is where she's holding her healing session, the pain of losing a loved one doesn't necessarily heal you just learn to live with it. She was so young she had a full life ahead of her, may her soul rest in peace.


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