Is Ruto The Kenyan Che Guevara?


The events that have been happening on the last few months have made me to take a critical look again on our politics.

I have been dismissing this guy hustler as a non starter for a long time but the events that are have been happening proves otherwise. The hustler started it as a joke by proclaiming himself as a hustler but with time, we thought his political games as non starter.

The movement gained momentum and actually it is metamorphosised into a hustler movement. As I have been putting it here, the only thing that prevent Kenya from having a revolution is the tribalism.

The elite have been taking advantage of this to divide the country along tribal lines and hold us into tribal cocoons. How the hustler has managed to different people including the central region that he is a fellow hustler and they should pull out a revolution together is something that has remained a conundrum to many pundits.

We thought that since the hustler don't have many supporters in bigger cities like Nairobi, it would be impossible to have any demo that would have an impact.

But the fellow may be threatening to take a revolution to the system oligarchs doorstep. But the hustler told his foot soldiers to pull back recently in Nyamira, whether this one is an act of cowardice or tactical retreat, it remains to be seen.

But the fact remains that, this is a duel between the hustler and the system. I don't know who will win.


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