I Survived By Selling Prostitutes In Jail Reveals Molemo Jub Maarohanye

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Jub Jub said, “Jail isn't a pleasing place for anyone. During the podcast, Jub Jub detailed that he survived jail through joining the ’26 gangsters’ and he also had to become a ‘pimp’ whilst in jail.

According to Jub Jub, he revealed that he had 4 prostitutes he turned into selling at some point of the time he was incarcerated.

The notably expected season finale of Mac G’s podcast and chill, presenting Jub Jub as a guest will truly go down as one of the most inform-all podcasts.

During the podcast, to which members of the media were invited, Jub Jub made it clear that he does not think highly of Amapiano singer something Soweto because he refused to work with him on the Ndikhokhele remix because he was frightened about the stigma.

Jub Jub also revealed out that he tried seeking help from the previous police minister of police, Fikile Mbalula, but by no means got any pleassure.


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