2 Years After Don Jazzy Quit Smoking, See What He did That Got Reactions.


Smoking is one of most addicted thing to Conquer, most smokers know that "Smokers are liable to die Young" but to stop the habit is impossible for them.

In 2019, Mavins Boss celebrated a year of quitting Tobacco, and God so good, he celebrated two years.

Last years, The Mavin Boss revealed that it's been 2 years since he smoked and he's excited about it.

Don Jazzy is one of the person that have conquer this bad habit. The singer seemed to be tracking his progress through an app as he shared a screenshot on his page.

However, Don jazzy shared a picture yesterday that made fans to react, he shared a picture of himself holding Tobacco and his artist Rema about to light the Tobacco.

There has been many question on this, maybe it was just for photoshoot, and the Tobacco was not lighten.

As many of his fans are worried about him, we hope Don Jazzy still keep his promise.

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