Top Ten Worst Signings In English Premier League History

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Since the commencement of the English premier league, there have been various signings of players by various clubs in the history. Some signings proved profitable while other signings have been of great regrets and no real intended impacts have been realized.

This article looks into the top ten signings done by various clubs that have been the worst in the history of premier league. In the top ten worst signings, Chelsea and Manchester United are dominating. Arsenal are holding a shock record signing. Liverpool on the other side are making it in the top five of the worst signings. Below are the top ten worst signings in English premier league history.

1.The signing of Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan to Chelsea in 2021 at £97m

2.The signature of Angel Di Maria by Real Madrid from Manchester United at £60m in the year 2014

3.Alexis Sanchez swap deal from Arsenal to Manchester United in 2018

4.The transfer of Nicholas Pepe from Lille to Arsenal at £72m in 2019

5.Andy Carroll's move from Newcastle to Liverpool in 2011 at £35m

6.Chelsea's signing of Tiemoue Bakayoko from Monaco at £40m in 2017

7.The signing of Dany Drinkwater from Leicester to Chelsea at £35m in 2017

8.Andriy Shevechem from AC Milan to Chelsea at a fee of £35 in 2006

9.The signing of Fernando Torres by Chelsea from Liverpool at £50m in 2011

10.Paul Pogba's move from Juventus to Manchester United at a fee of £89m in 2016

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