Remember the Girl who Acted Sarafina? This is what Happened to Her After the Movie Ended [Photos]

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Sarafina was a famous movie in the 90s. It was a South African movie showing how Africans lived in apartheid. The main character by the name Sarafina was a young girl. Her real name is Leleti Khumalo.

This movie star became famous in her early years. She remained active in the film industry though majority of the people never saw her past Sarafina. She is still very active to date.

In her prime youth and early adulthood years, Khumalo got a skin condition known as Vitiligo. This is a situation where the skin is covered in pigmentation. It involves the discoloration of one's outer layer. At first she was afraid of her outlook and would hide it in make ups and take medicine.

Speaking in 2019 about the disease, she said that many people living with the condition are belittled and mocked. She however assured that it does not change who you are. She decided to use her status to bring awareness to the people.

Some people think that the condition is a form of punishment from the ancestors. The movie star again decided to make it aware that this is a result from an auto-immune disease. This is a strong message that can only be passed well by someone like her.

She was afraid as she was advised not to get pregnant. Word had it that the pigmentation would worsen in pregnancy. It surely did when she conceived. The patches multiplied all over. She was blessed with triplets but unfortunately one of them died leaving her with twins. This was one of her down moments as she looked different and felt like she was not beautiful. Her husband brought her back to normal by assuring her of how beautiful she was.

The ever beautiful star now uses her new look to educate others. We still love and miss her on our screens. She is indeed still beautiful even with her colour. What message can you send to her? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on the comments section below.

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