"Umekuwa Handsome Zaidi" -Kenyans React To Stivo Simple Boy's Alleged New Look With Beards

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Kibera-based Kenyan singer, Stephen Otieno aka Stivo Simple Boy has excited fans with his new fake look.

Stivo Simple Boy re-emerged on social media having grown beards after months of being on the secret hideouts.

But from Simple Boy's post where he shared the unique photo, the beards are not permanent but photoshopped.

The young man famed for the popular slang, Inauma but itabidii uzoee, posted that Kenyans are unbelievable with their edits.

Fans commented that the beards made him look more cute than without them.

Some however were not in agreement, arguing that the beards would look good if was pretty rich.

They also urged him to do a project with any of the top famous female musicians in Kenya.

Late last year, the single had his teeth modified and cleaned to look better.

Below are some of their comments.

Keshi Abby: You look handsome with beards don't listen to the haters. You are always cute, don't forget it.

Ruth Jebet: Umekuwa handsome zaidi.

Clerkson Obago: Kwani ulimea ndevu usiku?

Leon Leonard: Looks like you are still evolving, uko karibu kukuwa binadamu.

Ruth Wairimu: Nani amekukopesha ndevu?

Nyckie Rotty: Huyu ni handsome boy 😘.

Robin Robin: That smile is killing me ❤️.

Kennedy Kimani: The ghetto hip-hop assassin.

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