Teachers ordered to report to school latest on 28th September for reopening preparations

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Teachers all over the country have been ordered to report to school by 28th September on Monday so as to prepare for the eventual opening of schools.

These orders we made by Drk.Nancy macharia and Cs Matiangi earlier speaking during meeting address held by different stake orders. Nancy assured that the teachers are totally prepared and ready to support all children to recover the lost time and save the academic year that was at risk of being lost.The Tsc CEO Nancy has promised parents to remain at peace and not to worry about anything.

Also present during the address was Cs Maghoha who said he had been visiting different schools,and that most schools are in good conditions . However, some are damaged and the students in those schools have been placed to other schools as they await for renovations,says Maghoha.

They have promised parents to remain calm as they make sure everything will be perfect.

The official opening of schools is however not specified as C's Maghoha awaits president Uhuru Kenyatta to announce when classes should resume.

It is therefore not specified on the actual reopening day and therefore the dates which were released on social media are fake.

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