Bishop Agyin Asare fakes all his miracles-Obotan


The seat show hosted by Nkrumah on NET 2 TV interviewed an occult pastor who claims no have renounced his past life and delivered from the powers of darkness.

Obotan, the guest for the show explained to Ghanaians all the tricks that they have been using on people who call them for help and how fake prophets, fake miracle just to get the attention of the public and fill the churches up.

He boldly told listeners and the interviewer that Bishop Charles Agyin Asare, the general overseer for Perez chapel, one of Ghana's well known pastor who is highly respected is a fake Prophet and has been faking miracles all this while just to please the public.

He added that there is no Prophet in Ghana except Eastwood Anaba. For Eastwood he can godly say he is a genuine man of God who is not interested in tricking anyone to get attention, fame and money.

Obotan challenged Bishop Charles Agyin Asare to face him, if he truly he is a genuine man of God and is not faking his miracles.

He added that Bishop Charles Agyin Asare speaks the truth and so a lot of people do not know he has been faking a lot of things in his ministry and is using his gentleness to cover his bad acts.


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