UDA candidate leading with 70% leaving only 30% for Jubilee Candidate in Kiambaa Race.“Ndindi Nyoro”


Ndindi Nyoro Kiharu member of parliament is boasting of the United and Democratic Movement 70% control of the Kiambaa constituency.

The race for Kiambaa parliamentary seat is taking shape a few days to the ballot as both UAD and Jubilee teams struggling to take control of the area.

The seat was left vacant after the former MP sudden death due to Corona complications as was reported. The former Mp was elected on a Jubilee ticket and now Jubilee is fighting it out bitterly with UDA which was founded after Uhuru( Jubilee) and Ruto(UDA) fallout.

Today, some goon was reported to have attacked Hon Ndindi Nyoro who reportedly in the area in favour of UDA candidate John Wanjiku. The Mp condemned the act in the highest order.

In his Twitter account today later in the evening, the lawmaker was seen boasting of UDA candidate leading in most of the opinion polls with 70% leaving the Jubilee candidate with only 30%.

Will UDA outshine Jubilee in this by-election?

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