How To Honor Your Mother

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Is through our parents we came to this world, so let's not joke with them in terms of caring especially our mothers. Look at the difficulties your mother went through when you were inside her womb for nine months, look at the pains she passed through at the point when you were coming out from her womb, even some mothers die at the point of delivery.

Just imagine yourself when you were a kid , a helpless kid and can't help yourself during that period. If not the care of your mother you wouldn't have been existing by now, she breastfeeds you when you were an infant, she makes sure that your body is clean for you to be healthy and strong at that time you can not clean yourself. Our mothers are blessings to us , let us always show love to them so that they can bless us for us to become better people in the future.

If God ask us to pay our mothers for the good things they have done for us , we can not even pay quarter of it.

So what you will do to make your mother be happy with you are as follow

1. Be obedient to her

2. Never scald at your mother

3. Never stir at your mother

4. Always ask for her blessings

5. Make an apology to your mother when you offend her

6. Appreciate her always for the good things she has been doing for you.

No matter how bad your mother is but she is your mother and you can not deny the fact that she is not your mother, you as a child need to be patient with her, praying for her to change for the better, when ever your mother does bad to you, confront her in a way that is good in order to get rid of her curse that will affect your future.

So let's all be nice to our mothers so that we can receive the mercy of God, thank you.

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