"Its hard to say Rest in Peace to 15 years old."

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Losing a sibling at a young age could be very devastating . Imagine losing a little brother , one who was not sick at that . This is very painful and heartbreaking.

A socializer by the user name of @Makonco_M took to Twitter to share a story of his little brother who just passed away , he was killed in a car accident.

" 17 January 2022 . it's hard to say Rest in Peace to a 15 years old . I know you fought and fought Bafo but Atleast you should've told me that this fight is way too much for you . Rest mntakaMama " Says @Makonco_M

This really touched so many people's hearts . Many were able to relate to this guy 's lose and shared their experiences .

" Just preparing my mother 's funeral for Thursday am not ready how do i say goodbye to her because i still needed her in my life now this ." @Siyabonga


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