Harambee Stars Legend Dennis Oliech Opens On Suffering Depression During His Playing Days

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When it comes to the Kenya national soccer team popularly known as Harambee Stars, Dennis Oliech is one of the teams best performing footballer of all time.He is the teams second highest top scorer with a total of 34 goals which is only a goal behind the teams all time top scorer Ouma.

Since retiring from active football in 2019, lots of stories have been heard of him most of which dwells on his current way of life which many people translate to brokeness.In a recent interview, Oliech went on to confirm that he suffered depression during his playing days the root cause of it being the financial demands of his family and friends.

According to Oliech, he went on to set various businesses for his family members some of which succeeded as others failed.Despite being termed as broke, close sources indicate that Oliech acquired various prime pieces of land and houses which he sells once in a while during the dark moments.

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