#FreeAkuapemPoloo: 90 days without his mom


Rosemond Brown known in showbiz as Akuapem Poloo has been jailed 90 days for posting a particular picture with her son. This case was filed by a man who may turn out to be a human right activist who thinks that her son shouldn't have seen the nak£dness of his mother.

Now the question is why was the man looking at the photo and making analysis? In this society when a child's mom is dead, the child is suppose to bath the mother but because of modernization, other people are hired to perform this task before the final funeral rites and burial. This is what our actress was teaching her son; that he shouldn't shun away when he sees his mother nak£d. Fans have been angry over the few days and also bored by what this man has done to the humble family.

Currently, nothing has been said by her son but it will be a tough moment for him if he should be told about this calamity. Imagine 90 days without your mother, not that she's dead or has traveled but imprisoned.


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