Former HIV Ambassador Joyce Mensah Sends A Message To Pentecost Headquarters.

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Former HIV Ambassador for Ghana Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has sent a message to the Church of Pentecost Headquarters in Accra. Her message has been hailed as very wise and good. According to Joyce Mensah, she wants the entire hierarchy of the Church of Pentecost to forgive her colleague Ohene David.

" I want to send this message to the Pentecost Church headquarters and the entire members in Ghana. My junior brother Ohene David has spoken against your former chairman Onyina. Pastor Onyina can give birth to David. I don't know why he should do that. Please find a way as Christians and forgive him" Joyce Mensah said in a video attached to this article.

Ohene David had insulted the former Pentecost chairman mercilessly for supporting the building of the National cathedral. For once, Joyce Mensah has been tagged for doing something great for the sake of peace.

You can click on the link below and watch.

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