Lady Arrested And Sent To Jail After She Was Caught With Drugs Hidden In Peppers


A woman who believed she can outwit jail guards, and try to sneak drugs into the facility without being discovered, has gotten herself into deep turmoil

Guards were determined to foil the lady's secret agenda, and her efforts to sneak many illegal substances into a detention center, using tomatoes, and peppers were unsuccessful.

The substances were so well disguised, it had been difficult to spot them just by taking a look at the peppers.

So many food products, such as Garri, okra, tomatoes, and peppers, were seen spread on the floor inside the prison office.

In a clip posted on social media, the woman can also be spotted on her knees, pleading with prison guards for pardon.

The peppers, and tomatoes were cautiously opened by a jail officer who is a lady, and discovered multiple illegal substances inside all of them.

About 50 packets of illegal substances were rolled tightly in dark nylons, concealed within the tomatoes, with the insertion point sealed with red sealing tape.

It could have become difficult to tell if something was concealed in the tomatoes, and peppers, without careful inspection.

She was attempting to bring in illegal substances into the jail, with the intention of selling them to inmates.

The woman pleaded for pardon, but her pleadings were ignored by the jail guard who instructed her to be imprisoned, and vowed to send her away to the authorities for prosecution.