Fred Matingi's PA Meets A Kisii Woman Who Was Blocked From Greeting Interior CS Last Week

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According to the report from Standard Digital, Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi's personal assistant David Onyancha paid a visit to Christine Nyakundi, a Kisii Woman who was last week blocked from having conversations with Interior Cabinet Secretary.

According to the report, David Onyancha had to travelled to Itumbe, home village of Christine Nyakundi so as to get details from the lady on what she wanted from CS and if she is facing any problem that will need the Matiangi's assistance.

But the lady reveals that she only wanted to pass her complains concerning the rise in crime cases and laxity of police officers to deal with such cases in their area.It has also been revealed that the same lady at approached former governor of Nairobi Hon Mike Sonko for some personal issues few years ago. Share this article with your friends and remember to follow us in order to receive more updates.

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