If You Have 2 Dimples 2 Dimples At Your Lower Back, Here Is What It Means

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We often envy those with facial dimples, but did you know that's not the only thing raking up all the envy? Yes, if you have these symmetrical indentations on your body, you are in for a lot of luck, my friend. They are believed to be a sign of beauty, alluding to Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty.

Some people believe back dimples are a sign of a healthy body and good circulation. Because of this, it's also been said that people with lower back dimples find it easier to orgasm, which may be where the whole "back dimples mean you're good in bed" idea came from.

Owners of dimples of Venus are also thought to be great seducers. This could be because the look of them makes you appear more attractive, or the connection with more pleasure from sex. They are named so as a sign of beauty, referring to the goddess of attraction, Venus. 

Can you make back dimples ‘appear’ through exercise? In short, no. That's because there simply is no muscle there to tone. However in some cases, back dimples may become more prominent if you lose weight, she adds.

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