Opinion: Lessons Ruto Should Learn Despite Acting Smart in Politics


Kenyan politics has undergone a tragic change in the near past with things seemingly changing with time. The centre of the core activities involves the ongoing talk on the BBI report which has turned Kenya into a terrific political ground. At the same time, the race for the state house succession has made politicians to remain in wavy moves as others make tactical turns.

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The Deputy President William Ruto currently seems to be undergoing a mixed political transition. For instance, his side seems to be gaining at the same time losing on the other end.

Today the DP received a warm welcoming on his tour to Murang'a county amidst alledged disruption of his rally. Huge crowds of residents flooded the streets to welcome Ruto with some carrying wheelbarrows at the scene.

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But having large crowds may not be a gurantee of massive support when it comes to election. At times this might just be a mere blackmail. Citing from what the ODM leader Raila has gone through in the past, Ruto should be cautious on what the crowds might exactly represent.

In Raila's campaigns of 2013 and 2017 general election, massive crowds were attracted. Despite the crowds Raila could not have a clinch of the top seat something that literally surfaced to be imaginary votes. Ruto should have a look at this to probably strategize his camp if at all a better ending has to be achieved.

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Another lesson that Ruto should be versed with is that in politics there are no permanent enemies or permanent friends. Any moment in politics is a changing time regardless of who says what.

The handshake came as a shock to the Tangatanga camp and it's fruits has been seen inflicting pain to Ruto's side. Currently the DP has foot soldiers who are campaigning for him in different regions across the nation.

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However, he should have at the back of his mind that anything is possible as observed today after his own top MP ditched his camp to join Raila's team. The current twists and turns being observed in Political parties is a clear indication that nothing is impossible in politics.

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