What is happening at Bola Ray's media firms should not be condoned.

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Working in the media space is an attractive and enticing proposition to many. They seem content with their faces showing on our television stations. They fancy their voices being heard on the radio every day. But is that all there is to media work? I don't think so. Sometimes it involves a lot of risks because of the places you might visit to cover some stories. It can be daunting at times hence practitioners should duly be rewarded for their hard work.

We all woke up to the news of workers within the EIB media group embarking on a strike over unpaid salaries. Because of their protest, some of them were reportedly sacked for demonstrating. How can someone work for almost a year without receiving a dime? Is that not barbaric and mean? These people have families they feed. They have other people depending on them. But the management of this media group didn't try at all. Some of them who spoke anonymously claimed that some them haven't been paid for over a year.

This is not a matter of loyalty. The Bible tells us the hand that does not work should not eat. These workers' demands must be met.

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