U/W: The Only Advice Elders in Upper West Give is "Get Married" - Youth Alarmed


Some Youth in Upper West have described as unfortunate the continues pestering of youth to get married by elders in Upper West Rather than other necessary pieces of advice.

According to Concerned Youth of Upper West, most elders have no economic or entrepreneurial advice to give, not even scientific advice to offer, all they talk about is marriage, you can imagine an elder telling a 20 years old lad to get married because he is old and not because he is properly settled to marry, that is worse than poisoning someone, Mr. Latif Baba said.

He added that, if such leaders had channelled such energy in teaching the youth some entrepreneurship skills and encouraging them to pursue business or technical skills, the region would have been a better place.

Wa Municipality is Dominated by Muslims and per the Islamic teachings, a man who fornicates should be given 100 strokes of Cane whilst one who flirts in Marriage should be stoned to death.

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