"I'm practising full time", says Skeem Saam's Celia Magongwa on her sangoma calling

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There are over five celebrities and mostly actresses who are sangomas in real life. Shoki Mmola who plays Celia Magongwa is one of them. Not to mention Uzalo's actresses Mangcobo and Gabsile who are also sangomas.

Shoki graduated as a registered Sangoma last year and she now qualifies to offer sick notes to her patients. She is practising her calling full time and she is managing to do that even though her acting job is also demanding. Shoki Mmola is also the young lady who played Tumi on Muvhango in the early 2000s. She is actually growing up on our television screens.

Shoki who is now a single mother after parting ways with her abusive ex husband Sello Sebotsane loves her sangoma calling and she works all day.She manages her daily responsibilities as a single parent, an actress and sangoma and she is doing well. She said she has learnt to embrace such life.

When it comes to her sangoma calling she doesn't have working hours, she works anytime in every 24 hours and she sometimes sacrifice her sleep if someone calls and seek for help. She has shown a strong passion and her wish is that may her children see not a single mother when they look at her but rather see a great mother that she is. 

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