5 Places On Earth Where Force Of Gravity Doesn't Exist

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The gravitational force is responsible for pulling things towards the center of the earth. It also holds the planets and sun in place within the solar system. Interestingly, some places on earth are devoid of the gravitational force. Let's see mthem.

1. The reversed waterfall

The reversed waterfall is found in the Republic of Chile. From a far sight, it appears to be flowing upwards. But upon closer scrutiny, one learns that the mystery can be explained by the very strong winds which blow upward from the water. The winds go against gravity.

2. The mystery spot

Going by records, it's a tourist attraction site found in Santa Cruz, California. It was first discovered and opened in 1939. It has little or no gravitational pull at all.

3. Aragats mountain

It's located in western Armenia occupying about 30km from Turkey's border. It has a river whose flow goes against gravity, it flows upwards. It's even observed that vehicles move upwards by themsel8 in this area.

4. The Magnetic Hill of India

It's located next to Gudawara Plateau. This hill is believed to posses a magnetic force that pulls objects towards it. Under normal circumstances, a vehicle parked on a hill is believed to move downslope but Magnetic Hill, if you park your vehicle at its top, it would remain stationary.

5. Jeju mysterious road of South Korea

It's named Jeju which in the language of the commoners means it appears to slope upwards and tilts slightly downwards. When objects are placed on the road, they move freely by themselves against gravitational force.

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