Earth tremor in Accra, can Ghana survive an earthquake?


Accra the capital has been hit by an unprecedented earth tremor shaking parts of the city around 10pm on Wednesday June 24, 2020.

The sudden tremor shaked three southern regions which are all along the coast. Greater Accra, Central and Eastern region. Affected towns were Lapaz, Tesano, Santa Maria, Dansoman, Achimota, Madina, Kwabenya, Weija, Koforidua, Nsawam, and Swedru.

Residents said they were hit by the tremor three times with few seconds intervals.

NADMO has been relocating some residents just in case.

Earth tremor

An earth tremor is a small movement of the earth’s surface caused by the same forces that causes earthquakes. Earthquakes are bigger effects of earth tremors. Though earth tremors are small in magnitude but are stronger enough and they can be wildly felt by residents. Earth tremors occurs with an average of less than magnitude 2 whiles an average earthquake has of magnitude 7. According to statistics, earth tremors are more rampant than earth quakes.

Histroy of Earth tremors recorded in Ghana 

In 2018 and 2019, Ghana has experienced unprecedented earth tremors. All these tremors were all recorded mostly in Accra. Accra has been considered as earth quake zone

Earthquakes in Ghana

Ghana in the past has recorded several earthquakes. It is in record that in 1636 Axim recorded its first case of earthquakes. Two centuries after the first earthquakes, another one was also recorded in Accra in 1862.

In an article published by Prof Alex Dodoo the Director General of Ghana Standard Authority GSA in November 16, 2013 in the Spectator Newspaper, the article titled Can Ghana sustain health after a major natural disaster? made reference to a 1906 earthquake which occurred in Ho, the Volta Region and destroyed several properties including cars, buildings and assets. It was also established in Professor Dodoo's article that most deadly earthquakes recorded in Ghana was on June 1939 which destroyed James town killing nearly 150 residents and bringing economic catastrophe since majority of the government and private entities were established there.

Ghana is not ready for earthquakes nor are we ready for bigger earth tremors because there seems to be little education on the subject and there are no readiness preparations towards natural disasters in the country. Even flooding, the country is not prepared for it and every year the country experiences several forms of flooding despite concerns from previous encounters.

If the earth tremor which occurred was to be a bigger one or an earthquake, Ghana would have been devastated looking at the corona outbreak out our hands struggling to even help people stay safe.

The nation is already not in normal times as the economy struggles from the corona virus due to lockdowns from major growing economies like China, US, Europe, UK, Russia, Canada and the rest which all aid in the growth of the country.