'Kumbe Wanafanya Hivi' Muthee Kiengei Of Kameme TV Tells Off Pastor Who Does This With No Apology


Pastor are our Holy father's, they are incharge of our spiritual growth and we very much depend on them for our spiritually nourishment. But what Pastor Ben has revealed about Most of them is hilarious.

"My Fellow pastors we need to change in how we do things, Something is not adding up and l know this will not go well and maybe my fellow pastor will not agree with my sentiment though am used to, but the truth is, we are inconveniencing a lot of people in the name of don't point a finger. " Pastor Ben says.

"Why should we ignore the most important party in whatever we are invited to do? Just imagine, Musicians agree to be Committee members either on burial, in a wedding or a fundraiser in aid of the sick. Neither of the pastors attends the committee nor being found on WhatsApp group. They also do not give money." He added.

"The Musicians use their money to plan everything, including food and the sound system. But during the event, the are given the shortest time. We even tell them to sing when people are eating, so that we can preach for two hours. To top it up, we take the sadaka and go with it,without considering that all the arrangements were on their shoulders. It's like only popping up to reap.....Pastors tunakwaza watu.....Hii haina Pole." He concluded.

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