Omanga Under Fire After She Said This To Uhuru, Moments After The State Address


Hon. Millicent Omanga is a Kenyan politician and a nominated senator in the National Assembly of Kenya. A few moments ago, Omanga responded to President Uhuru Kenyatta after today's state address on the covid 19 containment measures. "I thought the president had goodies to cushion Kenyans reeling from COVID-19 and effects of the govt imposed control measures. But no, he had some better things to tell Kenyans." Millicent Omanga tweeted

Her tweet did not go well with most of the netizens. Some told her to let the President handle matters concerning the country while others asked to also do something for the nation considering her position as a nominated senator.

"You like complaining too much but no solution you are offering. Funga mdomo ukule salary pole," George

"You are also a leader, what you have to offer us this pandemic period? Bure kabisa," Collins

"since you got nominated what/which bill have you sponsored in parliament to cushion the said Kenyans-bure kabisa, Kyalo

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