Ifedioku Dresses In A Cultural Attire, Adorns Herself With Beads (Photos)


In as much as civilization has brought out lots of modern fashion wears today, sometimes there may be need for us to visit our cultural way of dressing in those days. Culture is simply a way of life and each tribe has their unique way of presenting themselves in their cultural attires.

Dressing in cultural wear takes us back to the days of our forefathers where things like clothes are tied round the waist region, and adorned with different colours of beads, just like Ifedioku did today.Ifedioku is a popular Nigerian Instagram celebrity who loves to show off different fashion wears for her fans to see. The kind of outfit that Ifedioku loves to stun in are modern day fashion wears which ranges from trouser, skirt, gowns, bumshort, jumpsuit etc. Most times, these outfits are usually very tight fitted.Ifedioku's dressing today is quite different as she took another style to dress in a cultural attire and adorns herself with beautiful beads. Beads are object which are used to decorate the body after dressing up. They come in variety of shapes and sizes, and have holes which allows threads to pass through it. Most often, people wear beads when they are dressed in these cultural attires, to depict the true meaning of the culture they are representing. Ifedioku represents the Igbo culture with her mode of dressing as shown in the photos she shared few minutes ago.Pictures credited to Instagram

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