Practices That Have Compromised Men's Fertility

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Infertility among men has escalated since the start of practicing habits which impacted negatively with the trend increasing from one generation to the other. Inheriting and making it a habit out of ignorance has cost their fertility. How many would wish to be infertile? Nonetheless, there is none. Factors described include;

Smoking cigarettes

Smoking, whether being an active or passive smoker imposes profound side effects on one's body and fertility status. Toxins released nicotine, for example, hinders how the body functions. Therefore, interfering with the health of sperm cells produced and sperm-producing cells destroyed. With continued and prolonged abuse, childbearing remains a challenge to individuals. As a result, having a child becomes impossible.

By smoking, carbon monoxide that accumulates in the blood reduces oxygen-carrying capacity. Lessened smoke creates good room for oxygen promoting well nourishment of cells, facilitating fertility and health of cells.

2. Heavy alcohol drinking

Alcohol acts in the central nervous system interfering with cognitive function and on drinking, the body's strength is reduced due to toxins released to the body causing profound effects. Once there is no energy, one becomes unable to perform simple tasks which form part of exercises to promote healthy living and healthy cells production. Excessive consumption over prolonged periods leads to dependence not enabling proper system functioning.

3. High temperatures

High temperatures come about either bathing with hot water or swimming in hot water pools, wearing many clothes, and also placing electronic gadgets on your lap, for example, laptops, have been singled out as causes. Heat makes cells get denatured later dying rendering an individual impotent. Once denatured cell's ability to fertilize is compromised and hence no embryo will come along to mature to form the fetus. Painful blisters as one effect caused by extreme heat results that may predispose an individual to infections that may affect the reproductive system at long last.

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