3 things you must know about using blow driers.


In an ever advancing and changing world, life seems to become easier with the influx of numerous tools that completes task within a short period. These tools enable one to escape long hours of waiting for things to be done. In the world of fashion and beauty, particularly hair blow driers have become the order of the day for most people. Let's have a look at things that happens to our hair when we use blow driers as well as how to achieve a perfect blow dry.

# 1. Hair Damage

According to hair experts, using a blow drier at a temperature of over 131 degrees Fahrenheit causes damage to the hair. Using driers at such temperatures also reduces the hair natural shine which may end in having split ends. Be sure to check the temperature of your blow drier when in use.

# 2. Hair Loss

Constant use of blow driers on the hair can result in hair loss. Particularly if the hair is already dry and stiff. The drying effect removes the hair's surface moisture and the water bond to the hair. It is recommended that you use blow driers only when it is very much needed.

# 3. The perfect weather for a blow dry.

Hair experts and scientist alike have revealed that the weather has an effect on the quality of your blow dry. According to studies conducted, the ideal weather to achieve a perfect blow dry is very dry, cold and sunny days at zero degrees. In our next series, we will look at how to deal with some side effects of using blow dirers.

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