Zoleka Mandela new born daughter takes her first flight for the first time since her birth.

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Zoleka Mandela is a remarkable mother who holds her kids dearly.The 42 year old author is known by regularly updating about her children welfare, how she dealt with breast cancer anf the grief of her daughter.

Lately her IG account is loaded with photos of her new born daughter Zingce Mandela who was born on the 08th of April a day before Zoleka Celebrated her 42nd birthday.

It barely three months after Zingce was born byt the two are already on their way to a holiday destination.I guess she wants to recoup and destress from all the stresses endured during pregnancy and posttraumatic.

Today on her latest post she uploaded her photo with Zingce looking very cute and mentioned that they are in a plane to a holiday destination. The photo was captioned 🤍🤍" 30.06.2022🤍🤍 Dear Diary, can you tell how excited my baby was about her first plane ride today? 🥰 Two more hours until we reach our holiday destination!!!😎 #Zobuhle Snr and Jnr!!!🤗 #ZingceMandela ...".

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