I have the evidence against him ; if he is a man let him answer me - Kelvin dares Chief Justice


The $5million bribe allegations against the incubent Chief Justice Anim Yeboah is still going viral and people are making a lot of Comments about him. Last week Kelvin Taylor send words to Chief Justice Anim Yeboah as far as his 5 million dollars allegations is concerned.

This evening 18th July 2021, Kelvin Taylor has showed up with another set of allegations or words to The current Chief Justice dares him to come and respond to his questions.

Kelvin Taylor lament woefully about how journalist in Ghana are not asking the number of questions he stated for the Chief Justice to Answer or better still why the Chief Justice will not come out openly to answer his questions.

Kelvin Ekow Taylor hints that he have evidence against the Chief Justice as far as his age is concerned. He therefore dares the Chief Justice to come out openly and tell Ghanaians his real age if only he is a man. Kelvin Taylor then dares the chief Justice to answer him if he is or not more than 70 years.

"The Journalist in Ghana are quite about the questions I asked the Chief Justice. Anim Yeboah has not come out to answer any of them. If he is a man let him come out and mention his real age to Ghanaians. I have the evidence and his age is not accurate. Are you more than 70 years?. Let Anim Yeboah come and answer me if he is a man. Who is now guilty; Anim Yeboah or Kwesi Afrifa?". - Kelvin Taylor dares Chief Justice Anim Yeboah on Facebook.


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