Lamiez Finally Confronted MacG After Those Dating Claims

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A few months ago, Podcast And Chill's MacG made a few startling revelations approximately a lady DJ, he as soon as dated. MacG found out to his 1/2 of one million subscribers that he and Lamiez Holworthy was once an object.

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MacG brought about a few chaos on social media whilst he found out that he and Lamiez was once an object some years ago, however he broke up with her. It turned into the actual motive he gave which made humans mad pronouncing he should have saved it to himself.

Although a few humans knew approximately their "fling", lots nevertheless did now no longer recognize approximately it. Sol teased MacG and stated he can't name Lamiez an ex due to the fact their courting lasted for a month and they by no means slept together.

Sol known as Lamiez a candy woman who remains out of trouble, which is a great element. "She is this kind of candy man or woman who by no means harms anyone," he stated.

Sol requested MacG in the event that they ever dated, however he stated, "You did not break so it would not count," he laughed. "All folks have had the ones relationships, in which one week [you date] after which the woman is like 'I'm going thru matters, I should not have stated yes'," he stated.

MacG took it a piece in addition through pronouncing he needed to sell off Lamiez, due to the fact she turned into getting too severe as she desired to introduce him to her mother and father. "She desired to introduce me to her mother and father and sh*t, then I stated nah I'm gone," he found out.

MacG then stated he felt very horrific for dumping her due to the fact he should see that she turned into in love with him. "I idea we have been simply having a laugh however then I realised that no she is taking matters very severe."

Before he should spill greater beans, Sol interrupted him. In the present day episode

In this weeks episodes, of Podcast and Chill, MacG spoke approximately Black Coffee's Grammy Award celebration event, in which he noticed himself surrounded through all of the humans he form of has pork with due to what he stated at the podcast.

He turned into surrounded through the likes of Minnie Dlamini and Unathi who he has stated a few quite imply stuff approximately. Then there has been Khuli Chana and his spouse Lamiez. There turned into alo DJ Fresh who he does now no longer have any pork with, however he turned into across the humans he had simply mentioned.

So for peace sake, he greeted all of the humans he turned into surrounded through. "Now I can not say hello to they all and now no longer say hello to them."

"So I move there I say hello to Khuli, due to the fact he's my boy. But then Lamiez made it awkward man," MacG stated Lamiez requested him "why you telling humans that we dated?"

Sol then laughed and stated that turned into a fab query due to the fact MacG has stated some distance worse matters approximately her. One of the matters he stated turned into, "females (DJ's) can not play"

In reaction to Lamiez, MacG stated he instructed her that they truely did date however Lamiez stated she does now no longer consider that. He then stated he needed to permit it move due to the fact Lamiez is married so he couldn't disrespect Khuli.

But Khuli stated he's happy the whole lot is looked after due to the fact he turned into involved whilst humans might inform him that MacG stated he slept with Lamiez.

MacG additionally stuck a few warmness for misquoting Heavy K who seemingly stated Black Coffee's Subconsciously album turned into 'pap', in different phrases horrific. But Heavy K denied that and reposted a clip from that interview in which he stated he prefers the antique Black Coffee.

"The antique Black Coffee is one which stimulated me. I can say that the brand new Coffee, is a completely clever grootman. He calculates the whole lot. There are locations that he has been to that I even have now no longer been to. Maybe he has visible doorways for him to explore, however for me it'll usually be that antique sound," that is what he stated.

Heavy K turned into left fuming at MacG for misquoting him and stated he'll now no longer tolerate humans mendacity approximately him. "One element I won’t permit is for humans to lie on my call or undertaking me as some thing I’m now no longer simply to push their narrative."

Then Heavy K slid into Black Coffee's DMs and set the report straight. "When we had this communique with MacG I stated precisely what you stated. If you had stated something I turned into uncomfortable approximately, I might have requested you."


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