What is on the menu in some Nigerian restaurant left twitter in shock: Opinion

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I once heard that this is one of the most expensive meal in the world, but I also heard that the bile of a crocodile is deadly. By the look of this crocodile it does not seem like it was opened and remove the insides. Maybe I did not see it well and since I do not have experience with preparing such meals, I just assumed that it was just roasted in fire as it is or grilled.

I do not know what is the point of killing and eating crocodiles, we have cows, goats, chickens, sheep, and other domestic animals that can be slaughtered. Beside crocodiles in the water, we have got fish, why would somebody risk his life to catch a crocodile instead of catching fish? How nice is the meat of this thing? I do not understand this unless if it is attached to some rituals. It could be something that the gods or whatever they are sacrificing to has demanded.


If the asteroid didn’t take out the dinosaurs; I strongly believe Nigerians would have eaten them into extinction.

We know how our Nigerian brother and sisters are, they excel in this kind of things, I mean sacrifices attached to rituals. There is no normal black person who can order to eat such a monster in the restaurant, maybe I'm just a man with a strong rural background, so maybe I grew up not exposed to this things, but I'm saying even if I have money, I will not crave for a crocodile, or sushi. I do not see the point even if it is trending.

But then we are Africans, we grew up eating different things, Nigerians eating this, does not make us any better. It is only that this is too much, who knew that the restaurant owner can make money out of crocodile meat. He or she must be an extra professional chef. This is a style beyond ordinary Africans, I guess let us go to Nigeria to get a test of an alligator.

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