Disabled girl whose picture is trending on social media hawking receives support


It's amazing how one's live can be transformed form being virtually a helpless and forgotten soul to someone assured of a better future, given hope of a brighter and more secured live.

Mary Daniel is a disabled girl whose picture was seen trending on social media seen hawking sachet water to fend for herself instead of begging for alms from the public had finally meet the Lagos State Government, through the special Adviser to the Governor on Civic Engagement, Hon princess Aderemi Adebowale.

A lot of donations were made to the poor girl by well meaning Nigerians but as at the time they handed her over to the state government, she had received a donation of 14,301,811.71 ( fourteen million, three hundred one thousand, Eight hundred and Eleven Naira seventy one kobo).

Thanks to the donors, and Lagos State Government under the leadership of Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu for rescuing Mary Daniel and assuring her safety for a better future.


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