Poor Men: Horrifying Video Shows How Ethiopian Soldiers Shot Unarmed Men In The Back


In any war, men are usually assumed to participate and as a result, are not spared by approaching soldiers. This is still what has happened in Ethiopia, in the war-torn Tigray region.

In the video footages shared by BBC and CNN, a section of Ethiopian troops in operation have been exposed to be preforming inhuman acts against men.

In the start of the video now shared on social media, Tigray men(about 15 in number) can be seen sitting in rows, and then Ethiopian soldiers sorround them.

The soldiers could then lead those men to a cliff before shooting them in the head. The survivors or appearing injured are shot again to ensure that they all die.

The source says soldiers were speaking Amharic, which is an official Ethiopian language.

One soldier could be heard saying, "We should not free these people. Not even one of them should be spared." Another soldier vows to take a video, as an evidence of how those men died.

In the end, some soldiers could be heard mocking the dead, saying it could have been better had they burned those bodies, as Indians do.

You view the whole video and story here.

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