Apart from Wearing Suits, See How President Uhuru Kenyatta Rocks Smart In Military Attire

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He is a fourth President of the Rubulic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta is now ruling for his second time as a president of Kenya. Most of the time president is seen dressed in suits, but occasionally he can be seen rocking in military uniform and boots shoes.

There are several different event where Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta attend when he is in military attire. The reason as to why sounds good, when the head of the state is in military outfits act as a symbol of unity among citizens.

Kenyan president is mainly seen in military uniform during the public holiday celebration such as Jamhuri day. He also dress the same during military meeting and security sector welfares.

Sometimes it looks enjoyable and interesting to see Uhuru Kenyatta in military, since the gentleman can often resume to a big smile anywhere. With a military height and average body size, which portrays him like a strong soldier.

Below are interesting photos of Uhuru Kenyatta pictures in military uniform.

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