Opinion: ANC Need To Take Stock If Not, Worse Scenario Still To Come In 2024

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Undignified treatment by our own government will still cost our democratic movement badly, worst scenario yet to come in 2024.

A) Matters of national interest is now at play, renage of ANC led government to honour public servant wage agreement led to most working class stay away from the polls is on of the major contributor to low turnout.

B) Undignified treatment by ANC led government to handling the pendemic including failing dismal to honour it obligation to offer social relief during the pandemic. Moreover the manner in which these relief are being handled by SASSA and the Department of Social Development has immensely negative overall impression about the capacity of the state to manage matters of emergency and disaster management.

C) Unpaid of Ters (Temporal Employee Relief Scheme) benefit to affected employees and government failer to attend these payout within prescribe period under strict lockdown regulations has exacerbated the situation. This situation on inhumane left million employees lost jobs due to hard lockdown forced the employers to totally shut down their business doors and numerous million employees went to bed hungry. Even today, employees are still unpaid, they are queued under rain and sunny bad weather conditions everyday outside the offices of the Department of Labour accross the country. System error to TERS system still today has costly millions employees to permanently closed their operstions because they unable to keep employees since UIF ters benefit has failed to process claims. 

D) KwaZulu Natal Provincial government who treatened to cut the jobs of thousands teachers and budget cuts has a negative bearing in the government communicating serving jobs then retrenching workers in the most critical sector deals with education. How many people affected directly by such ridiculous messaging.

E) Poor service delivery and disfunctional of municipal counsels accross 9 provinces. Most of these Municipality has failed dismally to bring basic services including poor workmanship in roads maintenance, uncollected waste, internal quamblies with counsels, failing to pass budget, maladministration and wasteful expenditure year in and year out without consequence management. Jobs for pals, unqulified administration personnels, disfunctional municipality units including bogus employees and bloated staff who makes difficult for municipal to give service to it people due orchestrated salary bill.

D) ANC through it NEC has introduced a new system of selection of candidates which has also caused a confusion to society. Prior to Local Government election called the communities to participate in the election process to select ward candidate. People headed the call in numbers went to different voting stations to participate and voting for candidates. People on the ground did not understand these processes as internal process of the political party since everyone was invited, through participation most people thought these were IEC local governemt election, they did not understood these were just ANC thing. So they thought they done with the process. People on the ground thought they were done wiylth voting since even branding and ballot papers were similar to IEC processes. Comes gazetted municipal election day people instist that they were already voted therefore there was no need for them to go nack to voting station to cast their vote again. That is where confusion triggered and the Electoral commission lack of voter education campaign was a major contribution to low voter turnout since they did not do enough to advertised and visit communities and churches to educate citezens about important of voting.


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