List of some of the Female Africa Presidents

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African women heads of state aims at telling the other side of their story and most importantly inspiring today and tomorrow's generations of African women to be greater than those who came before then. The following are some of African women heads of state:

1. Sahle-work zewde, president Ethiopia (October 2018-present)

She was the first elected female president of Ethiopia and currently the only female out of the 54 president in Africa.

She took office on October 25, 2018 after being unanimously elected by members of the National parliamentary Assembly.

Prior to her election as presidents, she worked as special representatives of united Nations secretary-General Antonio Guterres to the African union and head of the united Nations office.

2. Samia suluhu Hassan, president of Tanzania (march 2021-present)

She is the first acting female president of tanzanian and joins the ranks of Sahle-work Zewde as the only other current female president on the continent.

She was sworn into the office after the sudden passing of the former Tanzania, John Magufuli prior to being selected as Magufuli's running mate. She was an avid journalist and activist in Tanzania.

3. Ameenah Gurib- Fakim, president of Mauritius (June 2015-March 2018)

She was the first female president of Mauritius from 2015 to 2018.

She was selected to be a presidential candidate in 2014 following resignation of the president Kailash purryag.

She was unanimously elected president by the National assembly.

4. Catherine samba, Acting president of central African Republic (January 2014-March 2016)

She was the acting Head of state of the central African Republic. She became interim president when rebel leader Michael Djotodia resigned from his self appointed presidency.

Before she took on his role, she was the mayor of the capital city Bangui from 2013 to 2014.

4. Ellen Johnson sir leaf, president of Liberia (January 2006-January 2018)

She is Africa's first elected president who served two consecutive terms after winning the 2005 and 2011 presidential election.

She had initially run for presidential office in 1997 against Charles Taylor, but she lost. During her tenure she was also elected chair of the economic community of West African states in June of 2016.

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