6 Famous People In The Bible Who Were Black

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It is difficult for others to identify Jesus as a man of color since the Bible has been whitewashed. My little child needs to understand that not all of the people in the Bible were white because she is multicultural, mixed-race, and multiracial.

1. The Lover of King Solomon

Song of Solomon is a collection of poetry that is a stunning and profound confession of love and passion. It is established early on in the story that the woman who is the object of this affection is black. In addition to being attractive, she is committed to her partner. She had no limits when it came to her love for Solomon.

2. Noah

Shem, Ham, and Japeth are the names of Noah's three sons, according to Genesis. It is said that Cush, Ham's son, invented the Cushite, a race of black people that live in Africa. Both throughout the Old and New Testaments, God made considerable use of the Cushites.

"A mighty hunter in the sight of the Lord" was Nimrod, Cush's son (Genesis 10:8). Nimrod governed from Babel, and Babylon served as his imperial capital. Along with Nineveh, he also constructed cities.

Tiharkah 3.

Tiharkah, a black African king of Sudan who ruled from 690 to 664 B.C., was the third monarch. One of Egypt's most well-known "black Pharaohs," he presided over the 25th Dynasty (II Kings 19:9).

Zipporah 4.

Moses' wife, Zipporah the Cushite, was of Ethiopian heritage. Zipporah, her father Jethro, her six sisters, and her grandfather Reuel all resided in Midian.

Moses protected Zipporah and her sisters from shepherds who attempted to steal their water while he was in Midian. Reuel gave Moses the opportunity to marry Zipporah as a reward. She gave his child the name Gershom, which means "a dweller in a distant nation" in Hebrew.

6. Simon

Simon came from Cyrene, the center of Greek thinking and culture, and he may have converted to Judaism. He is well known for bearing Christ's cross. While in Jerusalem for the Passover festival, he witnessed Jesus' hard trip to Calvary. Simon was taken away from the throng by Roman troops and forced to bear Jesus' cross.

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