Habits That May End Up Damaging Your Brain

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Have you ever wanted to do something and you didn't know why you forgot to do that? That is simply because there are some habits that you've been practicing without knowing how much damages it does to your brain on daily basis. The brain is the most complex organ of the body. It is always in control of all activities we do everyday. It plays a vital role on remembrance too. The hippocampus part of the brain helps us store those long term memories we sometimes won't want to let go.

Here are some habits that damages the brain:

1. Studying or working hard when you are sick damages the brain by reducing the ability of your brain to work well.

2. Not getting enough sleep increases the rate at which your brain cells die. When this happens, you end up not being able to carry out your daily tasks and also lose your ability to remember.

3. Medical research has proven that hardly talking also damages your brain because smart conversation and brain tasking conversations improves the brain's ability to do things.

4. Not eating in the morning also damages your brain: I know you are surprised. Yes, you should be. When you don't eat in the morning, your blood sugar level decreases. When this happens,your brain gets insufficient supply of nutrients which eventually causes gradual brain damage.

5. The brain can also be damaged when you cover your head while sleeping. This is because, there happen to be a reduction in oxygen level and an increase in the carbon dioxide level which is very harmful to your brain.

6. The brain can be damaged if you keep inhaling polluted air. This occurs as a result of too much inflammation of the brain. Children exposed to constant polluted air loses their cognitive ability.

7. Excess consumption of sugar by taking sugary drinks and snacks can damage your brain: Losing your memory slowly is a sign of brain damage and the rate at which it occurs will be as a result of excess sugar in the body. Excess sugar in the body also attacks your ability to reason well. It is crucial to minimize the rate at which you consume sugar.

Knowledge they say is indeed power, please share this with your loved ones and save them the pain of having a damaged brain.

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