Post- Curfew Operating hours for Bars and clubs.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the lifting of the nationwide dusk to dawn curfew yesterday during the 58th Mashujaa day celebrations. It was all joy and cheers after he made the announcement. He congratulated Kenyans for the steps they had taken to insulate themselves from Covid-19 and said he was convinced it was finally time to lift the curfew for people to go back to living their normal lives.

Bars and nightclubs used to operate from 5pm to 9pm daily in compliance with the Covid-19 measures. Kenyans took to social media platforms as soon as the announcement was made thanking the President for opening the liquor taps without the Covid restrictions.

However, the Spokesperson of the National Police Service, Bruno Shioso said that the lifting of curfew hours means bars and clubs can operate outside the stipulated time restrictions.He stated that existing measures on closure of bars by 7 p.m will still be in place. He also said bars and clubs all over the country will remain indefinitely closed and that the NPS will continue ensuring that the measures have been adhered to.

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