Checkout the village with 24-7 electricity supply in northern Nigeria

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Since after the completion of the Torankawa Solar Project commissioned in 2017 by the Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, Hajiya Aisha Abubakar funded by the Renewable Energy Micro Utility (REMU) project with the Nigerian Sovereign Green Bond, the Torankawa community has ever since enjoy an uninterrupted electricity supply.

The community is located in Yabo local govt area of Sokoto state, northwestern part of Nigeria.

After enduring almost 5 years of total blackout due to a dead service line under Kaduna Electric Franchise, the project cost an estimated amount of 146million naira, with a capacity of about 125KVA, electrical inverter, 60 kW photovoltaic modules, a 216 kWh battery bank and a 100 KVA back-up diesel generator.

It supplies 350 house holds, 20 small businesses, 5 mosques, a community irrigation farm and 50 street lights in the small town in addition to its population of 1,750 people.

The community since then is self sustained and able to manage and secure the supply without govt intervention. It serves as a model of how the problem of electricity can be solved in Nigeria especially the north owing to the climate.

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