Do You Know What Is Used To Make Chewing Gum? See What It Is


We chew chewing gums often or even on a daily basis for some people. But have you ever asked yourself of how chewing gum is manufactured to come up with the final gum you chew? In this article, I am going to tell you some of the processes used to make chewing gum.

First, natural gum called chicle is tapped from several species of the Mesomerican tree. The tapping of the gum is done in a similar way to that of tapping latex from the rubber tree. Zigzag cuts are made on the stem of the tree and by using small bags, the dripping gum is tapped. After tapping, it is then boiled until the desired thickness is achieved.

The gum is then processed further to make it ready for chewing. A mixture of plasticizers, polymers and resins, sweeteners, colours, flavors and softeners are added. This completes the whole process of making chewing gum.

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