Proclaim This Powerful Prayer This Thursday, 25th February, 2021


Have you ever attended a large crusade programme where there was a teeming crowd that seeing the preacher became almost impossible? Such a scenario could be inferred to be the case when Jesus came to the land of Gennesaret. It is most likely that there were lots of people Jesus had to minister to and the only way he could heal all was that they touched His garment. The people of Nazareth must have heard about Jesus and believed so much in His healing power that they sent message across the town that Jesus is around and ended up having so many that needs Jesus to heal them. 

Prior to receiving their healing, the people had recognized the person of Jesus. You need to recognize the person of Jesus before you can receive from Him. To recognize the person of Jesus is not only to have knowledge of who He is but to also believe in his capacity. What you know about Jesus determines how much you will receive from Him. When you know a little of what He can do, you can only enjoy from the little of Him that you know. It is therefore essential that each day you deepen your knowledge about God. Search through scriptures to know more about the person and power of God. Don’t ever think you have known Him enough, there is still much about Him you can know as He reveals Himself to you. 

You also need to prove your faith in His person and power by bringing your problems to Him. The hem of Jesus’ cloth was not the most important thing in this story. The main thing was that the people believed Jesus could heal them even with the hem of His garment. They had faith in the power of Jesus. One more thing you need to understand is that it was not Jesus that touched the people rather the people struggled to touch Jesus’ garment, because they were convinced that healing will come through it. 

Action Point: Whatever you believe God can do for you, act in response to your faith.  

Prophetic Declaration: As I touch Jesus today let every infirmity in my life disappear in Jesus name.