Did You Notice The Bandits And Niger Delta Militants Said The Same Thing About The Government?


Kidnappings and killings have become the order of the day in Nigeria, done mostly by Nigerians called Bandits, who have taken control of few parts of the Northern states of the country. In the same light, the Niger Delta Militants issued warnings days ago, about causing chaos mostly in Lagos and Abuja, after years of being silent. Comparing videos shared by the Nigerian News Channels, I observed that the Bandits and Militants are causing or will cause more havoc just because of one reason.

In an article I shared few days back, the information that got to me stated that, the Niger Delta Militants shared videos of resuming torments mostly in Lagos and Abuja because the government have failed to do all they promised after getting appointed. They claimed they have been less water supply, power, infrastructure for health and even education, therefore they have decided to make Nigerians feel the discomfort they've felt for years.

In the part of the Bandits, I would say there's no one who haven't heard about the discomforts they've been causing people living in the Northern parts of the country. From burning down their houses/infrastructure, to killing and kidnapping resident as well as students etc. In a videos shared by Channels Television yesterday, though deleted now, one of the students who was kidnapped in Niger State but later released talked about what prompted the Bandits to kidnap them.

She shared the dialogue that flowed between the Bandits and the students. She said the Bandits told them that the government promised them good roads, power, water supply, and most importantly education but failed to do as the promised after attain power.

If you've read between the lines, then you know the reasons for the kidnaps and killing on Nigeria.

Have a lovely day. God help Nigeria.

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