"In Primary School, She Was My Class Captain And She Wrote My Name As A Noise Maker"- Spiff's Story


The story of love is interesting, it's nice to hear the journey of two lovers especially when the union ended in marriage, anyone who is in love today met his or her partner on a particular day, that day finally becomes a remarkable day in their lives, for some people they met while they were already adults but for others it's a story that dates back to their infant years.

Samuel Ajibola is a young Nigerian who came into the limelight after he played the role of Spiff in one of Johnson's series, he did very well and since then he has become quite popular.

He recently took to social media to tell his love story about how he met his wife, according to him he knew his wife way back his primary school days, back then his wife was his class captain, and part of her duties as the class captain is to write the names of noisemakers.

Samuel said that she will always write his name in her list of noisemakers. Who would have thought that today the both of them will be living as husband and wife, what a small world!

Spiff went ahead to praise her, he said that she brought a wonderful man out of him. Congratulations to him and happy married life.

I think that this story reminds us of the importance of being nice to people around us no matter who they are, because you can never tell what the future holds for you.

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