I Am Preparing Your Kingdom For You To Come And Take Over - Fancy Gadam To His Son

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Ghanaian afro beat, hip life artist, singer and a performer Ahmed Mujahid Bello, widely known in the showbiz as Fancy Gadam has finally flaunt his son on social media for the first time.

In a Facebook post intercepted on the artist page, he said he is preparing a kingdom for the child to come and take over from him. One can deduces that, the self acclaimed northern music controller want his son (Zuu Sulemana) to take over from him when he finally resign from his music career.

“Zuu Sulemana, am preparing your kingdom for you to come and take over” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Fancy gadam who thrilled hundreds of thousands of fans in his ’One Don Concert’ at the Aliu Mahama Sport Stadium on Saturday 27th November, 2021 has however received a lot of criticism from social media especially from his main rival Sheriff Abdul Majeed popularly known as Maccasio in the music industry.

The rapper jack who believe that Fancy Gadam’s ’One Don Concert’ was a flop show ever in the history of northern music; and can not be compared to his ’Throne Concert show’. The artist also went ahead to criticize the sneaker Fancy Gadam wore at the show.  This has generated a fresh attack between the two artists and their fans at large.

In response to that, Fancy Gadam’s manager, Hassan Al Hussein took to Facebook to clear the air by saying, “ Balmain B - Bold high is one of the leading products from Balmains apparel… Balmain was a French fashion designer known for his impeccable sophistications and elegance. One of the leading names in fashion design.

The estimated cost for the Balmain B-Bold high top is estimated at thousands of $USD!! The price of this sneaker is enough to supply a year of bleaching cream for some people. History was made last night” he said.

Meanwhile this is what the rapper jack has to say, “Your sister is the most bleached hoe in town. Why these guys even talking …edey pain dem, say I fresh pass dema whole squad.. na God oo” he teases back.

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