2 Avoidable Mistakes Made By 25-year-old Man Who Killed A 50-year-old Man Over a Woman in Ogun State

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A 25 years old Nigerian has been arrested by the Nigerian Police after he killed a 50 years old man. What surprised Nigerians the most, is the reason for his action. Below is a picture showing the suspect:

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According to reports, this man killed the victim over a woman. Investigations proved that the victim was with a woman friend whom he planned to spend the night in her room, when he met his untimely death.

In my opinion, I think the suspect made some avoidable mistakes that led to this tragic incident. Below are two mistakes made by the suspect:

Forcing himself into the woman's room: Investigation proved that when the suspect got to the house of this woman with the aim of spending the night, the woman did not allow him to enter into her room. He forcefully gained Access into her room but got shocked after he saw the victim inside the room. This got him angry, and a fight broke out between the two men.

Fighting over a woman who is not his wife: I think it is foolishness for a man to fight over a woman who is not even his wife. If he has paid her dowry, then it would have been a different case. He has no right to question the lady for allowing another man into her room. Not to talk more of using Cutlass to cut the victim.

I believe by now he must have regretted his actions.

As a reader, what is your take on this? Who do you think should be blamed?

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